Monday, May 23, 2011

Around the world: search for privacey while using online sync

It is very obvious, Internet users this year are getting more concerned about privacy and security than ever before. The press is full of incidents of data leaks from high secure government servers and stolen identities and credit card information from the Sony network. All in common reliable services until such an incident. What do we learn from this? Security vulnerabilities are everywhere and users cannot trust by definition a secure service. So, when using the Internet to collaborate, back-up and share data on-line it is recommended to be extra suspicious of the services to choose. Often users have to read between the lines. Many online services write that they provide full encryption and forget to mention that they posses the keys for your data. This should worry users as they are kept in a deceitful security. Most online Internet services expose your data to such risk and they even confess in their terms & conditions that they will cooperate with government and official institutions to hand out requested data.
Conceptually, we at TeamDrive designed our software that way, that the privacy of customers can always be granted for all data. We highly encrypt all communication and all data in the clients and the keys remain there. Which means that no one could ever access your data outside of your trusted clients. We are very delighted that more and more users and companies around the world recognize the advantages of the Teamdrive technology. Recently we can see many tweets, reviews, comparisons and download recommendations from all over the world and in many different languages. Here are just a few samples from the past few weeks:








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