Sunday, September 18, 2011

TeamDrive Grows Internationally - Finnish language and local hosting services available

Our TeamDrive partner Protacon Solutions Oy in Finland launches TeamDrive in finnish language combined with local storage this week. „TeamDrive is the perfect alternative to Dropbox for finnish people and companies, who want  to share and sync their documents easy and secure“ explains Olli Porkholm managing director of Protacon Solutions Oy. „The TeamDrive solution offers companies, students and families to collaborate freely over the Internet, maintaining full privacy and keeping their files stored in Finland!“
Protacon Solutions Oy is hosting the TeamDrive Cloud Services in their hosting facility in Jyvaskyla, Finland. With a finnish language version, TeamDrive and Protacon fulfil the special demand of finnish customers for ease of use and local support. The broad availability of Internet access in Scandinavia make it very attractive for companies to move their own servers into less expensive and easy scalable Cloud Services. The TeamDrive software let users continue to work on their local documents as before and adds full control and security when sharing over the Internet. „It is a pleasure to see the professionalism and passion the Protacon team invests in our partnership“ expresses Detlef Schmuck, COO & Co-Founder of TeamDrive Systems during the press meeting in Finland.

Finnish customers please explore the new finnish website

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