Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013!

On behalf of the TeamDrive Team, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the Christmas Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year! It has been a great and exciting year for our clients and partners and we look forward to working with you all in 2013!

2012 was a huge year for TeamDrive with the release of TeamDrive 3 and the transition of all our customers to the next generation TeamDrive platform. The coming year will bring many enhancements in all aspects of TeamDrive. You can expect greatly enhanced mobile Apps and a growing TeamDrive eco system to support all your great ideas and to provide enhanced global services for private and secure cloud storage. TeamDrive ensures that your files and content will always always stay and remain under your personal control, our mission and promise for 2013!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hamburg-Cloud and TeamDrive Scoop Coveted IT Security Award

The winners of the  IT Security Awards are announced (left to right): Detlef Schmuck, TeamDrive Systems GmbH, Maximilian Adrian, SAP AG, Ulrich Parthier, it verlag GmbH, Claudia Scholl, SAP AG, Juri Frommer, SAP AG, Stefan Strobel, Cirosec GmbH, Ofer Maor, Hacktics Corp. and Ralph Salomon, SAP AG.

We are proud to announce that yesterday we received the coveted "IT Security Award 2012" in the category "Web/Internet Security" at the 2012 IT-SA Security Expo in Nürnberg, Germany. The well-named jury awarded our solution as a private label product (“SmartSync”), hosted in the Hamburg-Cloud, providing a hosting service for companies, business customers and public services in Germany. These services are built to satisfy the government regulations for data security and privacy.
Detlef Schmuck presenting the awarded TeamDrive solution
Among us on the awards stand were Hacktics Corp., and SAP AG. SAP AG hauled in the Management Security award for their development of an IT Security Management Strategy that simplifies processes and increases efficiency in the management area. Hacktics Corp., also took a bow as they received the Innovation of the Year award for their development of the web application Scanner Seeker. 

About Hamburg-Cloud / IT-works! Consulting

Hamburg-Cloud provides Hamburg enterprises with a secure, redundant infrastructure for cloud computing business. High flexibility and availability, for instance the variety of data transfer options, increases work efficiency for corporate customers by allowing them to focus on their core business. www.hamburg-cloud.de

Thursday, May 31, 2012

We got it out! TeamDrive 3 GA is done! Desktop, iOS, Android all is available now.

New things sometimes take a little longer. We're growing at a rapid pace, and our commitment to simplicity and security is now reaching out to your favorite smart-phones on iOS and Android, too. Syncing your files among your different devices and with your co-workers or friends could not be easier. We thought you might be interested in knowing about some of the new features and our most recent developments:

- TeamDrive 3 for desktops (Win,Mac and Linux) is easier to use then ever. We spent it a new synchronization engine and changed the local database to SQLite. All together a reliable sync for the latest operating systems is guaranteed.  Try us out and download your free TeamDrive clients from our Website. Get up to 10 GB free hosted Cloud storage by just inviting new users into your spaces.

- TeamDrive 3 for Android is now available at Google Play. Sync your files from your Desktop to your loved mobile device and vice versa. As allays at TeamDrive all your files stay encrypted and the encryption keys remain in your possession. You can extent your private file exchange not to your smartphone.

- TeamDrive for iOS (iPad and iPhone) can now be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Similar to all TeamDrive clients is the easy setup. You need a desktop client for now to start the mobile app. Just enter your username and password and you are all set. Invite yourself on the desktop or receive TeamDrive invitations from others. All invitations will pop up on all your devices, including smart-phones or tablets. You have access to all your files on the go. Select files for off-line use. You can upload pictures taken on the mobile device and you can edit files and upload it to your workspaces.

TeamDrive 3 will allow us to develop future functionality. We do have a lot of new things in the works. Under the hood there are many new things which are not visible yet. So stay tuned and enjoy the new this which are out today!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New TeamDrive 3 Public Beta is available

We have been working extremely hard to push out this new release. There are lot of improvements to the user experience, stability, and synchronization technology. This is the basis for our new smartphone clients (iOS and Android) which we will ship in the coming weeks.