Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maintenance Update to prepare the TeamDrive 4 Launch in March

In preparation of our TeamDrive 4 Launch in March we do a Database Maintenance today Wednesday, 2015-02-25, 6:30-8:00am CET.

Sync of existing Spaces will continue to work.

During this time, the TeamDrive Registration Server won't be available for TeamDrive Clients or via the Administration Console. Running Clients will indicate that the Registration Server can not be reached (for example, the TeamDrive 3 Desktop Client has an LED-like indicator icon in the bottom right corner, which will turn from green to red in case the Registration Server cannot be reached).

During this time, the following Client operations will continue to work:
- Running Clients can still operate on their existing Spaces (e.g. adding/removing files, uploading new versions)
- Clients can create new Spaces and delete existing Spaces
- Creating Space invitations to users stored in the Client’s local addressbook

The following operations will be not be possible while the Registration Server is unavailable:

- Performing a login after having logged out of the TeamDrive Client
- Registration of a new device/Client
- Sending out Space Invitations to other users
- Changing the password or email address, requesting a temporary password
- Distributing comments on files via email
- Enabling/disabling the Key Repository

Once the maintenance work has been concluded and the Registration Server is reachable again, the Clients will proceed as normal and the notification icon will change from red to green again.

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