Thursday, July 13, 2017

TeamDrive against data loss and ransomware attacks

With our new Snapshot feature, called Point in Time Recovery (PiTR), TeamDrive presents a new security solution for cloud computing. 

In which cases PiTR can be useful?

During a ransomware attack company data are encrypted by cyber criminals. Access to the unencrypted data stock is only possible after the payment of a sum X. This can happen to any company at any time. WannaCry gives an impressive example of how fast even millions of companies face this scenario of helplessness. 

With our Point in Time Recovery there is always a copy of the data on the TeamDrive servers, which can be easily restored in the event of an incident. We also provide additional data security in case of an unintended loss of data such as by mistake or hardware crash.

How PiTR works in practice:

PiTR automatically creates a snapshot of the data stock over all computers connected to the service. Snapshots are generated every four hours. In the professional version the snapshots can be taken every 30 minutes. 

If a data loss or a ransomware attack occurs, so that the user can no longer access the data, the data backed up just hours earlier can be restored with a few simple steps. 

PiTR and TeamDrive service:

PiTR is kind of a fourth security level in our service. As the three first levels may be considered a complete end-to-end encryption, the zero-knowledge architecture and strict data retention exclusively in German data centers according to national data protection legislation.

All TeamDrive customers, using the TeamDrive Cloud storage, benefit from the new security feature, regardless of the client version which they use. The server side snapshots will be automatically created indepentently. Tweaking the solution, changing the pre-defined settings requires the latest TeamDrive 4.5.0 client.